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Glass’in® technology results from a collaboration with CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and is protected by multiple patents.

Glass’in® technology is ink-based. The marking is applied at room temperature.

Athéor® offers you a complete solution consisting of :

  • an industrial grade inkjet printer 
  • Glass’in® ink packaged in one-liter bottles
  • Activating system (at room temperature, allows permanent stamping of the ink on the glass packaging)
  • The reader to control and retrieve the marking.

The system is positioned directly on the production line and allows you dynamic  implementation at up to 20 000 bt/h.

Glass’in® is an alternative to paper labels or femtosecond laser. Thanks to its nature there is no risk of contamination. It is laid down in a nanometric layer on the surface of the packaging , it does not alter the glass packaging nor causes any micro cracks, and is solvent-resistant.

Using printers and optical readers is nothing new to packaging professionals. Thanks to Glass’in® active optical components, legibility of the marking is not affected by the packaging’s or its contents’ colour.