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Atheor is an authentication and unit traceability specialist and has developed an innovative glass marking technology.

Athéor brings a revolution in glass marking technology with an innovative solution : le Glass'in®.

A collaboration with the AM2N nanotechnology research lab from the Charles Gerhardt institute in Montpellier has resulted in the development of a patented ink which is particularly well suited to glass packagings.

Athéor® was founded in 2010 and consists of an experienced and cross-competency team of highly regarded professionals, with a strong industrial background. 

Athéor® has the “Jeune Entreprise innovante “ status (Young Innovative Firm) and has received multiple awards :

  • Award in 2010, by Siemens for startup.
  • Award in 2011, for "chercheur d'avenir"
  • Award in 2016,  for price "Fournisseurs & Services aux EEA of competitive Sud'Innov               
Athéor®  is a member of Carnot institut and of Pacte PME.

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