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Implantable technology directly on the glass packaging lines.

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A unique, inimitable and tamper-proof marking which does not alter the glass packaging or its contents.

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Marquage sécurisé sur verre

Protection of trademarks,
Production monitoring and control of distribution paths allowed by a reliable read of the glass marking.

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Marquage sécurisé sur ampoules en verre
Glass’in is a glass marking. It is applied at room temperature, is indelible, invisible to the naked eye, readable and impossible to forge.

Pharmaceuticals : 

  • Glass'in® prevents cross contaminations.
  • Glass'in® differentiates a genuine product from counterfeit goods.
  • Glass'in® can be seamlessly integrated into the packaging cycle and has no impact with the contents. 
  • Glass'in® markings can be read and retrieved with the reader.

Wines & Spirits:

  • Glass'in® provides bottle traceability during the whole production and distribution cycle.
  • Glass'in® authenticates the finished product.
  • Glass'in® is a permanent marking stamped on the bottle but, being invisible, it does not compromise the appearance of the finished product.
  • Glass'in®is tamper-proof and prevents counterfeiting. It can be used in conjunction with a secure lid.


  • Glass'in® individually authenticates and identifies glass packagings. 
  • Glass'in® is invisible and impossible to forge.
  • Glass'in® allows individualised control of distribution channels.
  • In its decor version, the Glass'in® technology can also allow you to apply original and indelible markings, logos and decors.

Marquage sécurisé sur verre

Awards for innovation
and research

Lauréat 2009 céation et développement - ministère de la recherche Ader - Languedoc-Roussillon, Innovation et recherche  Grand Prix Siemens de l'innovation